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Emma Doherty

Emma Doherty 


So in September 2014 I was asked to go on a girls holiday in May 2015.  Never would I thought I would be able to go as I wasnt happy with my weight.  I knew something had to change.  I started training with Matt in September and was very nervous about everything gym related.  Matt immediately put me at ease and after a few weeks I started to enjoy the sessions.  Matt has transformed my life for the better.  I have lost a total of 7.5 stone and dropped 5 dress sizes!!  I cannot thank Matt enough for all the help, support and motivation he has given me over the last year, it's been amazing.  Matt's kind words of encouragement and endless support at any time of the day have helped me stay on track with my diet and the training.  I never thought in a million years I would have gotten this far.  I am now a fully converted gym goer and have more gym clothes in my wardrobe than dresses!  I see Matt 3 times a week but hit the gym myself another 3 times a week, taking part in spin and boxing classes.

I would recommend Matt to anyone of any age and with any training background as he is great at adapting to anyone.


Shazia Din

Shazia Din


“I would Recommend Matt as a personal trainer and my results show his effectiveness. I lost the 30 pounds I’d been trying to lose for many years, in just 6 months and I have also kept it off due to Matt’s excellent advice.”


Craig Palmer

Craig Palmer


Matt is a great coach who most importantly for me actually practises what he preaches.  I have taken Matts diet advice and have followed him on his road to competition and have acheived very similar results, so much so that Matt has tried to encourage me to compete with him.  Matt pushes me seriously hard and our sessions are tough.  We mainly focus on lifting weights as heavy as possible and I take care of my cardiovascular work myself.  I'm leaner, stronger and have more muscle than I have ever had before.

My personal requirements are slightly different from my friends, in that I required a specialist training program to prepare me for a high altitude trek to Machu Pitchu in Peru. After discussions with Mathew, he did some research, and gave me a very specific training schedule – with three different body workouts which also included specific cardio training.
Miles Gorton

Dannia Henriques

Dannia Henriques (fitness model Los Angeles)

I have been training with Matt for over 4 years now.  Matt has helped me not only get into the best shape of my life but also helped me acheive a life goal of mine to compete in a bikini contest with the UKBFF.  In May 2015 I competed at the bodypower USN classic, acheiving a top 15 place in a strong category with over 36 competitors!  I am stronger than ever and have great nutritional habits now due to Matts coaching.  He organised posing practice for me from the first female competitor to win a bikini contest in the UK.  The first picture you see on the left was from Jan 2015, the second picutre from May 2015, and the last picture on the right is from May 2016, a little over 11 weeks after the birth of my baby boy.  Matt's knowledge of training and nutrition is second to none and having walked the walk he is someone I also look upto.

What about this for a transformation the

I started putting on weight about 12 years ago and moving jobs and having a baby meant I allowed it to creep up to just over 15 stone.  Over the years I did various bouts for short periods in the gym but never really stuck to it or any kind of change to my eating habits.

At the beginning of 2016 I made a firm decision to sort myself out as I was struggling to get upstairs without being out of breath or my knees hurting.

My husband is a friend of Matts and contacted him for help for me as I was nervous about going into a gym and everything that would follow he booked a block session in advance and on my first session Matt ensured I was relaxed and talked me through nutrition and calorie intake he checked in with me weekly on weight loss and advised me all the way through changing my diet and exercise plan accordingly.  I am now the lightest I have been in over 11 years and feeling so much healthier, I don't get out of breath my knees don't hurt and I have a whole new wardrobe!

I cannot thank Matt enough for his support throughout even when I got down if I didn't lose a 1lb he explained and changed things and never lost focus.  I'm closer to my goal than ever and dropped 4 dress sizes.  Totally worth every penny.

"Matt is a consummate professional and his dedication to his client base is one of the best I have experienced. His knowledge in tandem with achieving my personal goal has been a breath of fresh air. His encouragement and advice is over and above my expectations and it has given me more drive and determination. There are plenty of personal trainers who do not care and are in it for the money, Matt is definitely not one of them! He cares to the core about progress we make and is supportive when it matters. You definitely get over and above the fees he charges. Also Matt utilises NLP techniques which help you break bad habits and helped me change my perception of diet and nutrition. There are no easy ways out of training and Matt challenges me further every session with increasing the reps and sets along with adding weights, this is hard work however his personable, positive approach makes it all the better. I would 100% Recommend Matt......." David Bradley

Great work from my client _amandasue1959

In my line of work as a Business Coach I work with people to support them in reaching their goals.

We take a holistic approach to development, working on who we are, as well as what we do, as we create a vision for our future and set goals to achieve our desired outcome.

This was the main reason I chose Matt as my fitness coach. I had tried many times to lose weight and work on my fitness, but as I don't have a natural love of the gym and having a very busy schedule that included a lot of business travel, my attempts to reach my wellbeing goals had fallen by the wayside.


From my very first session with Matt I knew it would be different.

Matt took time to get to know me and found out what makes me tick as a person. Session after session he made me feel good about the progress I was making and he constantly readjusted my fitness programme to cope with injuries  I suffered (outside of the gym) along the way.

Matt is intuitive, demanding, and holds people accountable for reaching their goals. Before long I was actually looking forward to going to the gym because of Matt's style and the sheer passion and joy he has for his work.

As a person he is authentic and articulate. I have no hesitation at all in recommending him as a fitness coach to anyone who is serious about reaching their goals.

Amanda S. Duggan

Amanda Duggan Managing Director, Alongside

At the start of 2014 after much discussion about improving our fitness, we decided it was now or never.
Matt Nuttall Strength and Conditioning came highly recommended. So a phone call later our first session was booked. Matt asked plenty of questions as to what we wanted to achieve/gain from training and did we have any special requirements etc. 
Both of us wanted to generally become fitter, healthier and so be able enjoy more of life especially with our  2 young grand daughters.
For me I also wanted to increase my fitness/stamina levels so I could continue to enjoy archery even though 60 was looming on the horizon.
Matt worked out a good training program for us both, concentrating on strengthening our core, cardiovascular & stamina and also to suit my sport.
For the first few sessions we found it hard work, plenty of aches & pains. But we soon started to see and feel the results.
We now enjoy & look forward to the twice weekly sessions with Matt, as not only is he a good coach but also a great character & friend.
He always gives plenty of encouragement, continually monitors our progress and adjusts our program to suit, ensuring we get the most from each session, but keeps them varied so it doesn't become routine & we have a laugh at the same time so our training never becomes a chore.
We would highly recommend Matt as a personal trainer to anyone regardless of their age and requirements.

Dave & Bev Hunter

Matt is my second PT and I 'acquired' him due to my existing PT leaving 
the gym I attend. I couldn't have made a better choice.  He is the most 
personable, supportive and knowledgeable trainer.

I'm quite confident in stating I am one of Matt's oldest female 
clients, maybe *the* oldest but with Matt's encouragement and rock 
solid advice, I have never been as strong.

Our sessions are varied & fun - he's a joy to be around - we don't 
clock watch. The hour flies by.

I had previously done a little pad work but I love the boxing side of 
my sessions so much that I've bought my own gloves! Work is more than a 
little stressful at the moment and Matt's sessions are a God-send to 
let it go!

I think a lot of gym attenders may perceive being a PT is a breeze & if 
you've a relative level of fitness, you can do the job. Think again. 
You have to apply the knowledge in a way that a layman understands - 
why you're doing what you're doing & Matt is your man!

Anne Gorse

When your 60 year old female client _ann

I’ve had several personal trainers over the years with varying degrees of success but I’ve been training with Matt for over 2 years now and, through Matt’s eagerness to research ideas and evolve his training methods, his enthusiasm and willingness to impart his knowledge and personal experience about what works and what doesn’t, and determination to motivate and keep each training session fun, challenging and unique, I have not only surpassed the strength and fitness goals I had but, thanks to Matt, I now think about strength, fitness and nutrition as a way of life rather than a hobby or a goal.

Beyond this though, not just as a trainer, Matt is very perceptive and optimistic and exudes a level of positivity rarely found.  So no matter how bad a day I’ve had or how many problems I take into a training session, one thing which is always a guarantee is that I will always feel decidedly more motivated, uplifted and optimistic after a training session than beforehand.   

I’d have no hesitation to recommend Matt to anyone wishing to be inspired to start their training journey, or be motivated to take their training to the next level.

Ursula Humphries

Matt appeared on a primetime TV programme on which I was assistant producer for, called 'Eat Yourself Healthy' for ITV.  Matt was professional, informative and really spoke to our audience in a 'no nonsense' and approachable manner.  We were really impressed with his hard work and knowledge on the subject in questio.  ITV were also so impressed that they used the clip for their social media channels.  Would highly recommend for future TV work.

India Greenhalgh 

Assistant Producer 

ITV Tonight 

I started training with Matt in July 2010 whilst I was on an overseas visit to the UK from Dubai.  Whilst I play tennis and other sports regularly, I was a complete novice to any sort of gym training and was more than a little apprehensive as to how it would be.

From my very first session with Matt, my mind was put completely at rest.  Matt started by explaining what sort of program would be best for me based on my fitness level and goals and we discussed what sort of exercises would be the most beneficial.  Matt is not only incredibly knowledgeable in matters of fitness, he was also able to offer really helpful nutritional advice as well as advice about what sorts of other activities would best compliment my personal program.

In addition to Matt's tremendous expertise, he is incredibly patient and a superb motivator.  As the weeks went by, I noticed that my fitness level was improving, I felt stronger and became more confident in the gym and I became far more willing to test myself physically.  Most importantly, my sessions with Matt were hugely enjoyable, he ensured that the workouts were always varied, and he designed some very creative circuits which I cannot actually believe I completed!  Matt is friendly, entertaining and always professional.  I feel privileged to have trained with him and he has set the bench mark for any other trainers with whom I may work, incredibly high!

Melanie Millington

The first thing that springs to mind with a personal trainer is 'I cant afford it', well I never could but then I thought about how much I spend on nights out that were just making me fat and I thought I should drink a lot less and prioritize the training.  So I pay for the training with the money I save not drinking and not paying for taxis.  I still go out just as much!


I used to weigh 10 stone 7lbs and used the gym daily but after having my daughter 5 years ago I couldn't get to the gym and never lost much of the weight I gained and knocked up 12 stone 10lbs this summer (I was that weight before I gave birth!!!).

That shocked me to get back training and after a few weeks with Matt and following his diet advice, I have lost 9lbs and a good few inches off my waist and my back (which had got really flabby).  Matt comes to my house and I can still do the training if my daughter is around or not.

Personally I love the boxing and Matt has a great knack of motivating me to work hard for the full hour.  It's cheap at half the price and if you feel half as good as I do after a few weeks with Matt then what better way to spend your money!  If you are not sure, just try it.... What have you got to lose apart from the excess weight.

Sarah Schofield

I’m a man of few words normally but I’ve got a lot to say about working with Matt so here goes. 

I’ve tried all sorts before and to be fair to everyone who has helped me, I’ve met some really inspirational trainers over the last 10 years. 

I’ve got a low boredom threshold so whatever I do has to keep me engaged for the entire session and keep me coming back for more. I’ve tried CrossFit , yoga , football (I’m so rubbish) , running (boring), HITT (loved it actually)  and felt like I needed a new thing to get me motivated. 

I met Matt at the Village and was instantly hooked. He’s got a great personality and is the obvious bundle of energy in the gym. For a big, bald sex symbol (he made me say that) he’s such an easy going and friendly guy. 

I’ll spare you all of the details , you’ve probably got an attention span worse than mine. 

I’ve lost weight
I sleep better
I drink less
I eat better
I laugh more
I’m fitter, stronger and happier than I have been for years. 

Matt is a really, really good PT and motivator. Do yourself a favor and try a session.

Andy Lord 

Check out this transformation! Hard work

So I’ve been training with Matt Nuttall for 14 months now, I went to Matt with a specific picture in my head of how I wanted to look and feel, I approached Matt because he always seemed so consistent & professional with his clients & did varied PT sessions and kinda stood out to the rest, I started off at a weight of 10 stone 10lbs. 

Matt was able to give me some guidance about food & about cutting calories, which I didn’t have a clue about, as i'd just come off slimming world & didn’t understand anything, he told me to download my fitness pal app & track all my food, helped me set it up & gave me a number of calories per day. We trained once a week, then some weeks twice, the weight flew off me in a matter of months, and I started to believe I could do so much more than what I ever imagined, I gained definition in my body, fat gone where it was so hard for me to get rid of in those stubborn areas & gave me the best advice and relationship with food. I gained a lot of fitness and more self confidence than ever before as I always struggled so much with fad diets and self esteem.

I now weigh around 9stone 9, which I thought I could never get to! We smashed the image in my head of where I wanted to be, and we will only continue to set more goals & train smarter. 

I put my trust into Matt & he knew exactly where I wanted to be!

Philamena Driscoll

I have been a member of my gym for approximately 3 years and I typically went about 3 times a week concentrating on just cardio and a few light weights from time to time. 


After years of little progress, no results and an average diet I decided to take the plunge and book personal training sessions with Matt. 


Within my 4 months I have lost over a stone in weight but more importantly lost inches from my body and gained a massive amount of confidence in the gym. 

I have worked alongside Matt taking his guidance on my diet, nutrition and fitness and I have been consistently motivated by him to achieve my personal targets. Matt has pushed me to change my gym routine, improve my techniques and introduced me to weights rather than just doing cardio. 

My weekly workouts are really fun and always different. I look forward to going to the gym and pushing myself every time. I feel I am getting stronger and fitter every day. My personal training sessions have motivated me to eat better and has changed my lifestyle.

Thank you for getting me on track 😊



I am 78 years old and attend the Village Gym, Bury, twice a week.  Matt Nuttall has been my personal trainer for the past 5 years.

I joined a gym in Castle Point, Essex over 10 years ago following a health scare.  I passed out while driving, the car ran off the road but luckily I was not injured.  Tests revealed the cause to be a combination of an irregular heart beat, low blood pressure and stress (work related).  I worked as a school councillor, supporting vulnerable students with a range of problems including mental health issues and child abuse.

The hospital consultant offered me medication but the downside was I would have to take it for the rest of my life.  One alternative suggested, which might help was to take regular exercise.

On moving to Manchester, I started training outdoors, running, walking etc.  When my right leg gave way under me I was referred for further tests.  It was confirmed I has arthritis in both knees and my right shoulder.  Being aware of the importance of exercise I joined the Village Gym, signing up with Matt.  He designed a program of exercises, appropriate to my personal circumstances and my age.  The program was very varied, interesting and challenging (no pain, no gain).

Matt has always been very professional while at the same time friendly and approachable.  We have enjoyed interesting discussions and shared many a laugh during the sessions which have been pleasurable and rewarding.  The arthritis seems to have stabilised and I certainly feel better in myself.  I believe that the program Matt provided has contributed significantly to my general fitness and overall health.

Norman Beswick


I approached Matt an out of shape, clinically obese man who had little direction or motivation. I wanted to lose weight, get fitter and stronger but needed a plan. I’m glad I approached Matt. He was awesome. Spent time with me getting a plan arranged and sticking to it. He even contacted me when we didn’t have sessions planned to see how I was doing and to champion me. He worked around my availability and abilities and he helped transform me. He even got me in the shape of my life ready for a boxing match!!!He was mega supportive, chatty, approachable, made training fun but boy did he know how to drive and push me when I wanted to quit. Training was never boring and certainly not repetitive. I’d recommend ANYONE to recruit Matt to help them reach their goals. He won’t stop and he won’t let you stop either. Genuinely one of the nicest blokes you’ll meet and he’ll change your way of thinking around food and training. If your looking for a top class PT, Matt’s your man.

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