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Boxing for the Masses

Approach people in a gym setting in this day and age and ask them if they have ever tried boxing training and chances are they have had a go in some shape or form. Whether it’s hitting a punch bag, hitting the mitts with a partner, or as part of a class, boxing seems to be more popular than ever.

Rewind 20 years, ask the same question and I guarantee you get a very different answer. Gone are the days when if you wanted to partake in some form of boxing training you would have to venture into a dark alleyway and make your way up the Yorkshire stone stairway to the top of some dusty old mill to be greeted by a smell that you can only associate with a boxing gym. Personally I love that smell, I love the anticipation of what lurks at the top of that stairway and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Nowadays you can walk into most mainstream gyms and health clubs and you will almost certainly find some form of boxing related training equipment. A punch bag, focus mitts, boxing gloves or even a boxing ring are some of the equipment at your disposal. Having worked in this industry for over 15 years I have noticed the demand from paying gym members for this type of equipment to be available to them, increase massively.

The position a client usually adopts after a tough padwork session

With the rising popularity of boxing fitness classes and the demand for this type of workout I wanted to delve a little deeper and find out just what it is that keeps them coming back for more.

I feel I should set the tone here and let you know a little about the people I put this question to and what they do for a living just to put into perspective how broad the spectrum of participants is. I have spoken to lawyers, barristers, judges, CEO’s of large companies, cleaners, chef’s, business owners, farmers, office workers and people from all walks of life and here is what they had to tell me.

  • Pad work is fun.

  • Constantly striving to improve technique.

  • Increases self-confidence.

  • Gives an appreciation of their boxing hero’s.

  • Some female clients have said they love that it is not expected of them.

  • Great stress reliever.

  • Having to think at the same time as working up a sweat.

  • Hand eye co-ordination.

  • Exhausting cardiovascular workout.

  • Makes you feel strong and powerful.

  • Very rewarding when you get combinations correct.

  • Great fat burning workout.

  • Total body workout with big emphasis on the core.

  • After a bad day you feel a lot better. After a good day you feel amazing.

  • Picturing the face of somebody they would like to do this to for real helps them to not do this for real.

As you can see from the comments as well boxing being a great workout, there is a common theme surrounding the psychological aspect of the training. The people who were asked tell me how this has a direct impact on other areas of their life, such as their marriage, their work life, their mobility and their energy levels.

Boxing is for everyone not just for professional athletes or people who want to fight. As a side note to the comments made, I have to point out that 80 percent of the clients asked were female.

A boxing session consisting of a dynamic warm up, and a good few rounds on the pads can typically burn in excess of 500Kcals in a 30 minute session. It’s no wonder why people are turning boxing to get their body and mind into peak physical condition.

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