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Weight Loss

Ok first we’re going to concentrate on the importance of losing body fat rather than losing weight; a loss in weight could mean a loss in muscle tissue or water.  To make sure of this, we use various measurements to give an accurate reading of the clients total body composition. At least seventy percent of fat loss begins with eating right.  We will outline a structured eating plan along with guidelines for you to aid in fat loss.
We give each of our clients a highly individual programme for there goals. Once we have the information on your previous and current eating habits we can then assess and tailor a a structured workout programme and diet for you. We will re-assess the client frequently to ensure that we our meeting our agreed targets.


Toning Up

To become ‘toned’ with the idea of having defined muscles without being ‘too big’, is a simple approach of losing body fat while increasing muscle tissue.
Now to achieve this look we need to look at the client’s eating plan again. We’re not advocating ‘dieting’ here but the basic premise to achieve this look requires a healthy eating practise.  We’ll outline the dietary requirements and along with this you’ll receive a progressive training programme to build muscle.  Again we’ll re-assess our goals frequently to ensure we’re on target.


Muscle Gain

Muscle gain varies for each individual; each person will gain muscle at a different rate to the next due to factors involving genetics, nutritional intake and training experience.  Now once we’ve determined all of these we’ll design you a programme which will shock your body into new growth.  A large part of succeeding with this lies in your eating plan again.  You’ll need to eat in excess of your current calories, while following our programme.  Once we’ve outlined these we’ll also give you a recommended regime for supplements we recommend to aid in muscle growth.


Increasing Fitness

Firstly we need to establish your base fitness level.  Once we have recorded this along with our standard measurements we can design a programme which will work on improving your cardiovascular fitness optimally.
Also depending on your previous training history we will assess your fitness level when needed to allow us to re-set your goals as we meet them.


Sports Specific

Firstly we will provide a sports specific fitness test depending on your goals, e.g increasing power, strength, muscular endurance etc.  Once these measurements are obtained we will have all the information we need to proceed with the sessions.  The attributes needed for your particular sport will be taken into consideration during our training with you.  You will then be re-assessed regularly to ensure we’re on target.


Special Populations

We train individuals with various conditions such as asthma, diabetes, pre-post natal, coronary heart disease, hypertension, osteoporosis etc.  Our training will be designed around the individual and tailored specifically to their needs.  All suitable assessments will be selected based upon clients specific condition



One to One Individual 1 hour session £35

One to One Individual 30 min session £18


11x1 hour sessions One to One £350

10x30 min sessions One to One £180


Group Sessions 12x1 hour (2 people) £450


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